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Wisdom from a butterfly by me

Written April 1st, 2021

Exactly 7 days ago I had a lovely experience of hope and faith with a butterfly. But let me go back in time.

I decided to move out of my parents house this school year because of my work situation. I had a cat and a dog, both of them connected with me 11 or 12 years. But I had to leave them there. It was their environment after all. On the 2nd of November 2020, I felt “a call” and so I drove to my parents home. I spent the night there and drove four hours back to school the next day. My dearest cat died in bed between my mom and me. It was a mix of sadness but also so much love and gratitude.

Just a week ago, on the 22nd of February, I called my mom. She was upset and she just said, “I just received a phone call. I am on my way home and I don’t know how I can say this you . . .”.

I just said back to her “About Quica?”

She said, “Well, yes. Your brother called you?” No, was my answer.

So my mom got the news that my dog was run over by the train in front of the house. And so it was. Within three months I had to say goodbye to my two loving companies.

The day after I felt the need to to walk in nature. There I was at the end of the afternoon. The sun was going down behind a hillside, and I was wearing a coat with white sleeves. One big butterfly lay down on my right forearm. I had company with me, and so I said to them, “Well, she lay down here, attracted by the light of my light sleeves.”

And she stayed there. She was so big I could see her eyes and hairs. She could have rest in many positions. But we were staring right at eachother. I smiled and said to the two people who were with me, “It’s my Quica. She came to say goodbye.”

And as I looked again to the butterfly I sensed this message coming to me, “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright!

”Someone take a picture, please,” I said.

The butterfly took off. She returned a few seconds later in front of my face, only to disappear on the top of some trees. Never returning again on that walk.

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